• BRIZ Community Pot

    Opportunities | 09.12.22

    We loved hearing all your brilliant ideas and applications! We are so happy to announce the projects that have been funded through the first BRIZ Community pot.  A pot of £2500 to support groups and individuals in the two Brislington wards to run community-led events, activities and initiatives.  This is…

  • Mini Milk – Breastfeeding support group

    Social activities | 06.01.23

    Mondays, 11am – 12pm Come a long for a free group, hosted in our cosy living room, with young parents who want to connect and meet each other. There’s free hot drinks, books, games, and, soft furnishings to put your feet up and relax! You can just turn up…

  • Folk Craft with Madame Ceski. Podcast Episode

    Podcast | 06.01.23

    Madame Ceski (Francesca Simmons) is an artist with a special interest in folk and craft traditions, and in this podcast she explores these questions through the lens of how we busied ourselves during lockdown. Through interviews with those who discovered a new found hobby or passion during the pandemic, and with a focus on Francesca’s current work exploring using touch to create sound within craft mediums, we look at the surprising things that happen when people ‘have a go’, & how taking part allows us to reconnect with ourselves & immediate environment.

  • Demostage

    Events | 06.01.23

    Thursday, 16 Feb, 6.30pm – 8pm, Free, St Anne’s House What is Demostage?  Demostage is an informal, temporary space for new ideas. Open to people who make creative projects of any kind (think theatre, music, games, sound, whatever), the event encourages collaboration, sharing and critical discourse.Presenters have five…

  • Sound Henge with Madame Ceski

    Events | 08.11.22

    Local experimental musical artist Madame Ceski (Francesca Simmons) worked on a life-sized stone circle sound installation during December 2022. The project invited you to step inside the sound circle to be enveloped in a ritual soundscape and touch the tactile stones to trigger sounds, in this transformative musical experience. Inspired…

  • St Anne’s Community Living Room

    News | 12.10.22

    Back in October 2022 we opened the doors to St Anne’s Community Living Room. A warm, welcoming, and open space for everyone to come into, enjoy free drinks and food, internet, books, activities, games, and information on support services available for all. Between 10am – 5pm, you could come in,…

  • Generous Food Futures

    Events | 02.09.22

    Saturday 15 October, 1 pm – 6 pm, free event. The day event was a chance for local people to come along to explore food systems, hear from local food producers and activities, as well as imagine how we can creatively use technology to build generous neighbourhoods and cities.

  • The Big Draw Festival 2022 – Urban Nature – Drawn In St Annes

    Workshops | 02.09.22

    Every Wednesday throughout October, 2pm – 4pm, St Anne’s House, free. The Autumn Season naturally lends itself to warm, bright vibrant colours. For a couple of hours you are welcome to draw, paint, cut, and paste as fast as you are able, on some paper, on the floor, but mainly…

  • Creativity for wellbeing

    Workshops | 01.09.22

    New course starting from 17 April 2023! Running from 17 April – 26 June weekly (except holidays) Mondays, 11am – 1pm, St Anne’s House, Come along and get creative with artist Rachel Toon. Who can join? The free sessions are dedicated to those who are experiencing…