Support our planning application for St Anne’s House – 2023

In 2021 we were granted a temporary planning permission from Bristol City Council to use St Anne’s House as a creative and community hub for 18 months.

We now need your support to extend this for another 5 years!

**Update 21 December 2023 – our planning application was approved! Thank you so much to the nearly 200 people who wrote in with their support!**

To support the planning application

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In 2019 Bricks was invited by members of the local community to help develop St Anne’s House in Brislington as a creative and community hub.

We mapped community events and activities, and asked local residents how they would like to see the building used to serve their wants and needs. 

Responses included:

• Space for community activities and meetings

• Space for creative projects

• Workspace for ‘work near home’ (office and desk rental)

• Creative studios

• Youth activities

• A community cafe

In January 2021, we were granted temporary planning permission to try these ideas out.

We continue to be guided by local people about the future of the building and St Anne’s House is now fully occupied with studios, meeting rooms, desk space and even a gym! The building is used to test out ideas, work, and engage in community and creative activities.

Bristol Cooperative Gym
Visitors joining in a Boss Morris workshop.

Areas we are currently working on include:

• New community cafe: work is underway to complete the ground floor kitchen

• Youth programme: work is happening in partnership with Creative Youth Network to deliver

local activities for young people with an open access session starting in Autumn

• Continued programme of social and creative activities and events for local people to get

involved in

• We are starting to refurbish the building to make it more energy efficient and accessible

• We regularly run open house events to allow the community to see what we are doing and to allow routes in to activities and programming

To hear more about the planning application from Bricks, email: