Artist Project Space at St Anne’s House

Our project space at St Anne’s House serves as a hub for research and development, providing a nurturing environment where artists can experiment and test ideas.

We strongly believe in the value of collaboration and exchange, allowing artists to connect with different audiences and share unique perspectives. By cultivating these connections, we aim to create an active network that strengthens communities.

Super Duper St Anne’s F.C. project by Jonathan Kelham
Demostage, a partnership with MAYK and Bricks

Projects include


Look & Learn, Exchange with ArcadeCampfa, Archiving Glitches with Dhaqan Collective, Palace International Festival, Queer & Indecent, Fledglings


On Skin with Yuko Edwards, Confine + Escape, Transactionland with Rachael Clerke, Curio, Super Duper St Annes F.C. with Jonathan Kelham, EBC Stuff Done, Mayfest screenings, HIDEOUT-RETREAT / BOTTLE-CHAPEL with Sam Hallett, Sound Henge with Madame Ceski, Demostage


OOPARTs by Ben Hartley & Buoys Buoys Buoys, Fat Rascals by Jessica Akerman , ‘Section 28 and Me’ Tea Party by Tom Marshman.

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