Students standing in outdoor space holding wood strips in line formation. Artist Synnove Fredericks stands opposite with hands in the air.


We are a Bristol-based charity working with creative, local and social enterprise communities in and around the South West. We produce public artwork programmes, deliver creative collaborative activities and secure permanent spaces in the city to build sustainable futures. 

We believe in the civic role of artists and that through collaboration we can support communities to build mutually supportive resilience.

Flagship projects

Public Art Agency

Writing and delivering programmes of creativity for new developments. We work with developers, local authorities and local communities to create bespoke and  locally lead public art programmes, this can take the form of permanent artworks, engagement events, live experiences, and the long term curation and management of creative spaces.

St Anne’s House

St Anne’s House is a creative and community hub in St Annes, Bristol occupying 25,000 sqft of ex office floorspace. Working with local communities since 2019, we co-designed a future use model, took this to Bristol City Council, secured a community asset transfer and have been operating the building since 2021. Find out more on our standalone site:

Our key areas of work

Public Art
We work with developers, local authorities and communities to write and deliver public art programmes in new developments across a range of land uses.

Creative Infrastructure
We build social and economic resilience into developments, by using public art conditions to secure and manage long term space for community and creative uses.

Cultural Strategies

We develop cultural and creative strategies for local authorities and landowners, who wish to explore the social and economic value that culture can bring to their area or development.

Artist Development
We build inclusive & accessible opportunities for regional artists to develop their practices.

Community Led
We work with local resident groups through creative processes to support local voices in the development of the community and community projects.

Community Publishing
We work with communities of location or interest to develop publishing opportunities and platforming the results. 

Collaborative Research

We act as research partners across sectors, to explore new ideas around community, creative space, the environment and education. St Anne’s House and its community of tenants and visitors provide a vital test bed for this research.

Our values


We believe in the power of creative expression in everyone.


We believe in bringing people together in a safe & welcoming environment.


We believe in new ways of doing things & connecting value.


We believe in the magic & added value of collaboration.


We are locally rooted & accountable.


We are for all people in our community & city.


We are environmentally & financially sustainable & conscious.


We listen to people & are people-led.

A group of people sat outside St Anne's House on the grass talking
The International Palace Film Festival Planning

Our team

Bricks team
  • Erin Gillies

    Bookings and Building Producer
  • Georgia Bate

    Community and Engagement Producer
  • Jack Young

    Youth Programme Producer (St Annes)
  • Ruby Turner

    Communications Producer
  • Sarah Currie

    Building & Tenants Producer
  • Ele George

  • Jo Lathwood

  • Robin Hague

  • Trish Brown