• Upcoming Sculpture workshops with Dorcas Casey

    Workshops | 07.05.24

    Wednesday 15 May 2024 Join artist Dorcas Casey on her creative journey to make a new public artwork for Temple Quarter. The sessions give people a chance to explore working with clay, mark making, pressing, sculpting, chatting about Bristol folklore, the old lands and inhabitants of Bristol’s waterways. Attendees…

  • Social Impact Consultant Opportunity

    Opportunities | 05.28.24

    We seek a consultant to work with Bricks on a piece of evaluation and social/environmental impact assessment for St Anne’s House.

  • Chair & Trustee Recruitment – Spring 2024

    Opportunities | 05.28.24

    Now is an exciting time to join Bricks board and lead us through into the next stage of our work, now in our sixth year as a charity, and our fourth year at St Annes House we are gearing up for a phase of consolidation, long term thinking and capital building works.

  • Have you ever heard of a Tardigrade? No, us either….

    News | 05.28.24

    Public Art can take many forms, from sculptures to poetry, from planting schemes to soundscapes; but it’s not often public art takes the form of an ancient microscopic animal (a “water bear” who manages a telephone) or a carpet made up of moss and people’s dreams for a better future… That’s less common.  

  • BIG NEWS: For Bricks as we reflect on 2023.

    News | 05.28.24

    Bricks have secured the next five years at St Anne’s House via a lease extension from Bristol City Council and a collaborative partnership with them to work out the future use. Super Duper St Anne’s Demostage, a partnership with MAYK and Bricks To find out more please visit the…

  • Site visit to Welcome Building®

    News | 08.12.23

    On a sunny December morning (08 December) we were welcomed in by the Welcome Building® to take a look around the space for the new major public art commission. We were joined by artists interested in applying for the commission and explored the development in The Temple…