Social Impact Consultant Opportunity

We seek a consultant to work with Bricks on a piece of evaluation and social/environmental impact assessment for St Anne’s House.

Bricks has been running St Anne’s House since June 2021, having first started working with communities in St Annes in 2019.

We run a mixed model including grant funded programmes, room hire based programmes, programmes delivered through social enterprise (trading) and tenanted spaces (such as Bristol Cooperative Gym, or Ubuntu Play Therapy Collective).

We are also starting new areas of work, with new team members such as open access Youth Sessions.

Fee: £7000 inclusive

Contract dates: May – December 2024

Format: On site and hybrid working.

Deadline: 16 April 2024 
For pre EOI chat, please contact Jack Gibbon on to arrange a call.

We have evaluated funded projects, but not in a consistent way or a way that joins up across projects or across areas of work. This piece of work will both join up the data and understanding of what has happened previously, and work with the team to set up the frameworks and methodologies for what we want to capture and tell in the future. 

This would include looking holistically at our sustainability and environmental impacts, and our social and community impacts and how they intersect through our work.


  • Stage 1: Gather and reflect back learnings and data since 2019 (when Bricks was set up). 
  • Stage 2:  Developing an evaluation and social impact framework e.g. theory of change for St Anne’s House – across programmed work, hires and tenants. 
  • Stage 3: Support us to create a social impact and evaluation plan for Bricks at St Anne’s House to enable us to operationalise the social impact framework and be in a  position to do impact reporting, learning and ongoing improvement. 
  • Stage 4: Create a social impact report for St Anne’s House.


If you need this pack in an alternative format please contact


Relation to other Bricks work

As well as St Anne’s House, Bricks also runs Bricks Public Art Agency, working with developers, local communities and local authorities to develop and deliver programmes of creativity in new developments across the West of England, 

For now Bricks’ wider non St Annes work is not included in the brief, such as projects we deliver via Bricks Public Art Agency, although we would like the work to consider how methodologies and approaches developed in this work for St Annes, could at a later stage, be transferred and expanded to thinking about our wider work – so that we can get a whole Bricks picture.

Funded by Power To Change.