People doing the rubbing for Home Sweet Home

Public Art

We work as public art consultants to write and deliver programmes of creativity in new developments in Bristol & the South West of England. 

Our USP is our grounding in the Bristol art scene and the way we empower communities in the decision making process, so that creative programmes are owned by those closest to them.

A mother and sun doing screen printing together at St Anne's House
Screen printing workshop with Conway and Young
Two school pupils working with thin strip of wood to create helix shape
Student workshop for Trinity Academy

Public Art Commissioning

We deliver public art programmes, working with a wide range of clients including local authorities, commercial developers, education providers, housing and build to let developers, trusts, charities and hospitality developers.

We are an approved Public Art Producer of Bristol City and South Gloucestershire Council.

Our practice provides:

  • Seamless project management of public art and creative infrastructure projects
  • Writing & delivering public art plans & artist briefs
  • Managing planning condition sign off with local authorities
  • Brokering artist / client relationships from our wide reaching knowledge of South West creatives
  • Working with consultant teams to explore site opportunities
  • Managing commissioning & programming stakeholder groups (community, local authorities & developers)
  • Delivering creative consultation programmes
  • Excellent client communication
  • Writing and managing community engagement programmes, including delivering live events
  • Creative project curation
  • Budget management
  • Contract management
  • Liaison with local authority and statutory consultees
  • Site/context research 
  • Managing artwork commission, intellectual property and client handover processes
  • Documentation
  • Promotion and public relations
  • Evaluation and reporting

Working with Artists

Lawrence Hoo and Charles Golding talking in a room with podcast producer Rowan Bishop
Artists Charles Golding and Lawrence Hoo for Moxy Bristol
Artist Kayle Brandon + Chris Roe for Home Sweet Home
Artist Kayle Brandon and Chris Roe for Home Sweet Home

We believe in the civic role of artists and creative practitioners, and that by drawing on local creative talent, we maximise the positive impact a public art programme can have on the local creative economy.

This approach delivers great reputational value for the development and ensures that public artworks are grown organically from place and people.

Working with Communities

A group of people doing tufting for a workshop at St Anne's House
Tufting Workshop
A child at Spring Thing doing a creative activity at St Anne's House
Art Cart Workshop

Public artwork programmes are likely to be more successful where they have come about through involvement with the communities who will use them.

Access to making or consuming creative experiences plays a vital role in future-proofing civic pride; enlivening communities, ensuring attractive sustainable neighbourhoods, and supporting positive urban growth. We are experienced in putting the local community at the heart of public art programmes whilst acting as a liaison between local authority, developer and the artist.

Contact us

For an informal discussion with our public art producers, to explore how we could discharge a public art planning condition or manage a public art programme for you.

To hear more about how we can scope creative infrastructure viability and management plans. To understand how this works within the planning system.

If you have a space that you think could work for creative uses but would like to understand how this could be delivered, managed and funded.

Contact:, 07709 264 201

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