Creative Infrastructure

We are passionate and experienced in identifying, programming and managing Creative Infrastructure spaces: places where creativity can be produced and consumed.

The inside of The Tabernacle in Kingswood
The Tabernacle site visit
St Anne's House with people sat outside for the Open House event
St Anne’s House open event

We work in three ways to achieve a stronger ecology of creative infrastructure in Bristol and the West of England.

  • As consultants, supporting developers and local authorities to provide creative infrastructure as part of new developments via cultural strategies, connecting with the wide variety of planning, viability  and placemaking benefits this brings.
  • Setting up and managing creative infrastructure through co-design with local communities – such as St Anne’s House and The Tabernacle.
  • Advocating for policy change, being part of a national conversation on how our towns and cities are conducive places to be creative.
Print Studios at St Anne's House
Print Studios at St Anne’s House

Local authorities are supporting a greater use of creative infrastructure in place of public artworks in new developments and for a developer this can provide some highly positive benefits.

We know that the opportunity to experience locally focused creative and cultural events has not only a social value but a wider economic value, too.

In recent studies, property values around spaces that had creative and cultural activities outperformed the London average by 4.4% pa. Indeed, it has been demonstrated that arts and cultural events and experiences are intrinsic to economic and sustainable growth.

You can hear more about the benefits of creative infrastructure here: The Property Podcast

We have expertise in curating creative community programmes, and managing creative and community spaces. This exciting aspect of cultural programming is a complement to our public art projects, and is well supported by local authorities as a contribution to the social, economic and wellbeing value of both redevelopments and new developments. We also undertake viability assessments & creative programme management for creative and community infrastructure projects.

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