Bricks Artist Programme

Bricks Artist Programme began as an initiative to support visual artists in and around Bristol. The programme featured a network of peer-to-peer mentoring and learning, skill sharing and critical thinking. As generosity and care is at the heart of our programme; our aim was to build a community of support for artists at different stages of their careers and lives.

blue lens close up photograph of a man with his hand on his head and he's looking directly into the camera
Zahra Hoccom, The Veil Series, 14.09.20
ornamental flower attached to side of a roller coaster
Carol Laidler Beached, 15.09.20

Bricks Artist Programme launched summer 2020 with a six-month programme of activity funded by Arts Council England’s Emergency Response. Throughout the first six months we tested out ideas within our community, which laid the foundation for an ongoing programme of work.

We launched a number of paid opportunities through micro-commissions for Associate Artists to test out new ideas, workshops and a podcast series for artists to explore their research in more depth. We also launched an online sales platform, which offered additional income opportunities for both artists and Bricks, helping to support the local economy and assist artists in diversifying their income models.

Artists contributed to a weekly public talks programme which showed the rich and varied approaches to making art in the South West. Raising the profile of our diverse practices has helped us advocate for more artist-led spaces, studios and exhibition opportunities in Bristol, making stronger individual practices and a stronger sector together.

Associate Artists

Áine Kelly, Alec Stevens, Alice Cunningham, Alice Sheppard Fidler, Alyson Minkley, Amy Butlin, Anna Haydock-Wilson, Annabel Other, Anouk Mercier, Anton Goldenstein, Ayan Cilmi, Barbara Ash, Becki Hiscocks, Ben Hartley, Beth Luxton, Bo Lanyon, Carol Laidler, Catherine Knight, Charles Emerson, Clare Thatcher, Cliff Andrade, Courtenay Welcome, David Chalmers Alesworth, Dean Coates, Dorcas Casey, Eleanor Shipman, Emma Gregory, Finn Dovey, Fra Beecher, Frances Kelly, Francesca McColl, Frea Buckler, George Harding, Hannah Murgatroyd, Helen Acklam, Huma Mulji, Ian Chamberlain, Isobel Manley, James Mortimer, Janie George, Jemma Gunning, Jessa Fairbrother, Jessica Akerman, Jessie Edwards-Thomas, Jo Ball, Jo Lathwood, Joe Warrior-Walker, Josh Adam Jones, Jude Hutchen, Karolina Ptaszkowska, Kate Evans, Leslie Glenn Damhus, Lisa Cole, Lisa Davies, Lou Baker, Lucy Ward, Marcus Jefferies, Matthew Lintott, Matthew Roy Arnold, Max Naylor, Megan Clark-Bagnall, Milo Newman, Nicola Grellier, Olivia Jones, Philippa Lawrence, Phillipa Klaiber, Rodney Harris, Ryan Convery-Moroney, Steve Burden, Tim Lane, Vicky Smith, Victoria Walters, Yuko Edwards, Zahra Hoccom.


The first six months of this programme are funded by Arts Council England Covid19 response grant. Big thanks to Arts Council England and National Lottery, the players of whom fund projects like these around the country.