Artist Talks

In 2020 we ran an artist talk series on Wednesday lunchtimes for artists to share their practice with each other and the wider community as part of Bricks Artist Programme.

Jemma Gunning

Our Fading Heritage

Jemma talked about her current projects – documenting our fading heritage, WWF collaboration and the setup of Bristol Print Atelier.

Fra Beecher

A Body of Work: Life modelling catalyst for creative practice

Life model and photographic artist Fra Beecher @fra_beecher discussed her recent project, ‘Body of Work’ which she completed during her Masters studies @maphotographybristol. The work explores the physical role of the female life model. Having transitioned to posing online during the pandemic, Fra also talked about the virtual experiences which are informing her new work.

Beth Luxton

an invitation inside: where painting meets animation

In this talk, Beth discussed her micro-commission for Bricks, centered around combining painting and animation, using projection. She shared her documentation and progress, which was followed by a Q&A and discussion.

Anna Haydock Wilson

finding common ground: the highs and lows of community co-creation

Anna Haydock-Wilson described her creative practice as it has developed from installation to co-creation and what it feels like to relinquish authorship. Using examples of projects from London and Bristol, Anna explained her processes, motivations, successes and failures. Finding Common Ground (uniting communities along Bristol’s waterways) is the title of her latest project which has grown out of collaborations with socially engaged artists working across Bristol including: Lizzie Philps, Annali Grimes, Amy Hutchings, Jo Bushell and Gill Simmons.

As the talk took place the day after lockdown 3 began, Anna had to work at home while supporting her daughter and was unhappy with the way the work is visually presented in this talk (tech & time frustrations), so she made this PDF document which you can open if you would like to see some of the work more clearly and coherently.

Alice Sheppard Fidler


Artist Alice Sheppard Fidler discussed the installation work in development for her Bricks Micro Commission. Methods and processes of her practice were covered, and how this piece relates to previous installation works and those of other artists.

Yuko Edwards


Artist Yuko Edwards talked about work that came from uncertainty and what learning more about death can do for the living.

Steve Burden

class and identity; growing up in a brutalist council estate in london

“Inspired by my own experiences growing up on the Pepys (a brutalist high-rise council estate in Deptford, south London), my current practice investigates dystopian themes and ideas associated with British housing estates. These experiences are at the heart of my work and I am interested in exploring my working class roots and the urban context that I grew up in and striving to understand how this has affected my persona, visual aesthetic and behaviour as an artist.”

James Mortimer

Being Eaten Alive

In this talk James Mortimer discussed his recent visceral paintings and the slapstick violence of his inner world. He also shared practical insights into how he has built his art career.

Clare Thatcher


Clare Thatcher delivered a demonstration and talk, sharing how she makes her oil paints with a variety of pigments.

Ellie Shipman


In this talk, participatory artist Ellie Shipman introduced her creative practice and shared learning from over ten years of creatively engaging communities: from co-designing fabric with refugee women to interactive installations in Vietnam or creatively consulting residents through making art for public realm and research projects. Ellie invited us to reflect on what it means to work with others in your creative practice.

Matthew Roy Arnold

21st century landscapes

Technology and landscape – a never-ending source of inspiration. Matthew Roy Arnold talked to us about how he combines electronics, rocks and light in his recent sculptures.

Jo Lathwood

ladders: the quintessential tool to get over something

In this talk Jo Lathwood reflected on her perceptions, visual interpretations and ongoing fascination with the ladder as a formal structure and inspiration for making work.

Ladders of different forms have regularly made an appearance in Jo Lathwood’s practice as she sees them as a symbol of change, desire and aspiration. During the Covid-19 lockdown, Lathwood spent time creating a series of intricate paintings representing imaginary and realistic ladders. These ladders represent the quintessential tools to get over something, to conquer obstacles and shift a viewpoint – a suitable mantra for this point in history.

Lisa Cole

think inside the box and make your own art gallery

Lisa Cole talked about her Tiny Cat Gallery, and how curating shows in a small box opened up creative connections and opportunities.

Nick Grellier

A slight increase in happiness: a discussion on constructive thinking via a year of drawing

Nick Grellier spoke to us about the process of making 366 drawings – one a day for a (Leap) year. How does the series reflect the personal and collective experiences of a year that started in the midst of MA studies and finished in the middle of a global pandemic?

Catherine Knight

Isolation windows – a painterly response to lockdown

Catherine Knight connected us with people across the world during their Covid isolations, allowing us a glimpse through their Isolation Windows. Intimate gouache studies reflect our diverse lives and shared experiences of the pandemic.

Catherine Knight’s Artist Talk was not recorded.