A woman's let pushing an object with her food for Working The Workshop

Working The Workshop

Organised in collaboration with Bricks, this event was a workshop on workshops, for people interested and invested in this form of gathering, learning and co-production.

The aim was to gather ideas, experiences, and questions through a series of artist-led workshops with Harold Offeh, Rita Evans, Grace Gelder & Frances Bossom exploring movement, sound and archive, framed by two collective group discussions.

Over a Friday evening and Saturday day, the groups chose their artist-led workshops, after an evening working with Dr Marianne Mulvey and Dr Ben Cranfield, where questions around workshopping were spoken about and discussed. The following day, a meal by the local Sandy Park Deli was provided for attendees, and the three different workshops began. Each with their own facilitator and areas of interest.


Friday 26 May 2023


Dr Marianne Mulvey, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader, MA Curating (UWE Bristol)


Harold Offeh, Rita Evans, Grace Gelder & Frances Bossom, Dr Ben Cranfield