Karolina Ptaszkowska – Interactive Horror Story

Delighted to be awarded a Bricks micro commission I was able to create this interactive horror story ‘The Food Must Come in or the Fire Be Put out’. It’s a cross-disciplinary piece, something between a visual essay, performative text, drawing and painting with lots of jush given by Ollie Ley, whom I worked with on the web development, connected through the UWE Digital Enterprise & Design Studio .

–>enter the horror story here<–

My aim was to bring together concepts about creative processes, drives and limitations to a novel to me form of expression – something between a visual essay and interactive story. The narrative closely relates to my painting practice, my work with dreams, the everyday as well as broader cultural constructs, the unknown and fluid timeframe.

The story is built around a poem, To Be of Use by Marge Piercy where I explore my relationship with work, creation and artistic practice.