Episode 12 – Madame Ceski – Folk Craft

November 2022, 30 mins

Madame Ceski (Francesca Simmons) is an artist with a special interest in folk and craft traditions, and in this podcast she explores these questions through the lens of how we busied ourselves during lockdown. Through interviews with those who discovered a new found hobby or passion during the pandemic, and with a focus on Francesca’s current work exploring using touch to create sound within craft mediums, we look at the surprising things that happen when people ‘have a go’, & how taking part allows us to reconnect with ourselves & immediate environment.

With guest speakers Rhia Davenport, Hannah Parry, and Anne Rotzek.

  • Madame Ceski

    I’m a Welsh composer, performer & collaborator, based in St.George Bristol. Using song, improvisation, performance & experimentation, my work focuses on ‘folk’ in its widest sense – people’s habits & traditions, ranging from the mundane to the spiritual.


  • Rowan Bishop

    Podcast Producer (Freelance)