Richie Simkin

Richie is a cameraman and drone pilot for Film and TV. He currently co-runs UK’s top drone collective agency Fifth Eye Crew, where they train up and support a growing number of pilots around the UK.

Facilitating new and established creative drone photographers with equipment, (plus the boring stuff), like Public Liability Insurance, and CAA licensing, flying permissions etc, so they can get in the air faster. By pooling resources and being community focused, we’ve grown a solid organisation for people to fly safely all across the world.

Richie moved into St Anne’s House in Spring 2022 and enjoys having an office space that’s so much more than a desk and WiFi. He hopes to get involved in the community here through getting stuck in the garden areas around the building and taking part in the creative events.

If you want to have a chat about anything video related, please get in touch with Richie!