• Numbers by Delyth Roberts

    Exhibition | 03.21.23

    Exhibition open evening, 24 March, 7pm.  Debut Solo Exhibition by Delyth Roberts at St Anne’s House, BS4 4AB. Come along and visit artist and SAH tenant Delyth Roberts for a series of paintings exploring abstract and esoteric meanings of numbers. The exhibition is a culmination of an extended, experimental period of…

  • Control Shift – Feeling Machines

    Events | 03.03.23

    Control Shift “Feeling Machines” is an exciting new arts programme from Bristol, bringing together local and international artists to reflect on what it feels like to feel with machines. Artworks explore how digital technologies intertwine with the most intimate aspects of our lives. From Thursday 30 March to Sunday 2 April they’ll be hosting local and international artists in Bristol and online. It’s a gorgeous programme of film screenings, installations, workshops and an Algorave!

  • Art, Craft, Sustainability and the Local

    Social activities | 08.02.23

    Issues, Opportunities, and Challenges. Wednesday 08 March, 6pm – 8.30pm This event explored the sustainability-related experiences, potentials, opportunities, and the challenges associated with making in the art and craft sectors. How might art and craft-making positively contribute to a sustainable present and future?This public seminar brought together academics, practitioners, organisations,…

  • BRIZ open evening

    Opportunities | 08.02.23

    Have a say on the next issue of BRIZ, the free community newsletter for Brislington. 

    We are hosting an evening get together for anyone interested in getting involved in the next issue, as a volunteer contributor, or helping with the editorial process, and content decision making. You might just have an idea or feedback on the first issue you’d like us to know!

  • Free Gentle exercise sessions with Bristol Cooperative

    Classes | 09.01.23

    Join us in the Community Living Room for gentle exercise sessions, where you’ll be using your bodyweight for building strength. It’s a great way to introduce gentle movement into your week and meet new people in a welcoming space.

  • Mindful Pilates Sessions

    Classes | 03.01.23

    Mindful Pilates is a functional approach to the traditional Pilates class. It still applies the main principles of Joseph Pilates but with a broader mindful spectrum of exercises to add variety, such as the use of bender balls or resistance bands.

  • Creating Sanctuary Welcome Chat

    Social activities | 03.21.23

    15 Dec, 2022, 12.30pm – 2.30pm On Thursday 15 Dec, Bristol Refugee Festival invited people to join as they hosted an event to meet-up, have a chat, and share ideas about how to make St Anne’s a welcoming area for all. The day was a chance…

  • BRIZ

    News | 12.12.22

    Welcome to BRIZ The community newsletter for all things Brislington. BRIZ has been put together by Bricks with the support of people who live and work in Brislington. The idea and intention has come from residents in the Brislington community who would like a place to share opportunities, events, classes,…

  • BRIZ Community Pot

    Opportunities | 09.12.22

    Do you have an idea for a community event, activity or initiative?  Apply to our community pot!  From £50 – £500 to support groups and individuals in the two Brislington wards to run community-led events, activities and initiatives.  Applications open on 10th of Jan and will be assessed on a…

  • Demostage

    Events | 03.21.23

    Thursday, 16 Feb, 6.30pm – 8pm, Free, St Anne’s House What is Demostage?  Demostage is an informal, temporary space for new ideas. Open to people who make creative projects of any kind (think theatre, music, games, sound, whatever), the event encourages collaboration, sharing and critical discourse.Presenters have five…