• Shared Reading Group

    Social activities | 08.06.22

    Shared Reading is cancelled today (08/03/2023) due to the snow. Back next week! Wednesday mornings, 10.30am – 12pm, free Winter holidays opening times: last session 21 Dec, back open on 11 Jan Try shared reading with us! These sessions hosted by The Reader are…

  • Morning Meet-up Tea Party!

    Events | 03.21.23

    16 June 2022, 10am – 1pm We hosted a morning of food and conversation to look back over 70 years, share memories and meet new people. It’s was a chance to have a go at printing your own commemorative tea towel and find out about our weekly morning meet ups. …

  • Morning Meet-ups

    Social activities | 08.02.22

    Every Thursday. Come join for coffee, tea and creative activities, all ages welcome.

  • Covid-19

    St Anne's House | 03.21.23

    Our Coronavirus prevention measures ensure everyone is safe in and around St Anne's House.

  • Episode 5 – Cliff Andrade – Bristoler Chronik

    Commissions | 03.21.23

    The Bricks Podcast follow Bristol’s contemporary artists, on journeys within the city walls and beyond, along the ley lines of the South West, up the A roads north, and through their unique observations on the world. In this episode, inspired by Proust’s idea that true recollection can only occur…