St Gabriel's Court Easton Bristol, Architect 3d mock up image showing finished red brick and cedar finished 3 storey terraced houses

St Gabriel’s Court, Easton

Bricks has been commissioned to deliver a public art programme for the new residential and commercial development at St Gabriel’s Court in Easton, Bristol.

This project will respond to the historic use of the site and explore themes of energy use, sustainability and the climate crisis. From the mid 1800s up until 1911, the area was used as a colliery, or coal mine and processing plant. Alongside a vast network of other Bristol collieries, this use shaped the economic and cultural environment of the city. 

We aim to support local artists and champion local voices in the decision making process.

Creative Commissioning Group

We will work with a Creative Commissioning Group made up of a local resident of the development, Easton community members, Bristol City Council and Bricks.


  • Kerrie Burke-Avery

    Public Art Producer (currently on maternity leave until November 2022)