Our Vision

You Move Me, 2014. Photo by Paul Blakemore ©

We want Bristol to be a place where artists thrive and are resilient as part of Bristol’s future forever.

Our vision is for Bristol to be a city where artists have a role in the wider civic ecology and can make an economy around their practice. Where communities feel connected to the value of their own creativity and can use the visual arts to better see and understand the world, themselves and each other.

We see the main threats to this being lack of; affordable studios protected from development, spaces to present work, opportunities for artists to build sustainable business models for themselves.  

Bricks at Trinity Road Police Station is a key step in delivering this.

We are bringing together a collection of social enterprises, artists, and collective, groups and small organisations, knowing that, together, we will be better than the sum of our parts.


We will work to support stronger and more connected local communities through social enterprise and space provision.


Photo © Raised in Bristol

We are creating a new community nursery with a creative early years programme.
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Photo © Blackhorse Workshop Cafe

We will create a café / bar, a space for the whole community to gather. 
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Photo © OpenSpace Bristol

We are creating a variety of flexible spaces to suits community and artist needs that. Support local groups and organisations.
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Photo © Gem Smith for Take A Part CIC

We are keen to support art and creativity in the wider area and are open to collaborate.
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“Studios are to artists what laboratories are to scientists, music rooms are to musicians and factories are to industrialists – without them cultural production simply cannot be pursued.”

— Antony Gormley, 2019


We consulted with artists, curators and collectives to find out what they need to be viable in the city, resulting in a portfolio of different spaces they can dip in and out of throughout a project life-cycle – including reliable spaces to make new work.


Photo © Blackhorse Workshop Cafe

There is a real need in Bristol for safe, secure and long-term studios that are not going to be turned in to flats. Bricks will create space for 50+ artists, individual artists and collectives.
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Photo © APPAREIL/ Yellowtrace

Bricks will also have creative industries workspaces such as hot-desking and office rental which will bring in a higher rate per square foot to subsidise our other work/use and add to the dynamic community mix.
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Photo © Antlers Gallery

Flexible project studios will provide opportunity for larger spaces to make outsized work, prepare for a show or rehearsal a new piece.
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Spaces that support creativity, community, connectedness


We are passionate about the power of creativity and want to both support makers in the city to make the best of their practice – and to connect all our community members with creativity. 

Bricks will programme work from a wide variety of artists and producers, with the connecting factor being their connection to Bristol.


Photo © Antlers Gallery / Spatial

Bricks will have an active public programme of exhibitions, with a wide variety of projects, championing the best of Bristol.
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Artist Residency Flat

Photo © Outset Artist Flat, South London Gallery

Artist residency flats will create a valuable resource to  import fresh eyes to the city and export our talent elsewhere.
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Event Spaces

Photo © Antlers Gallery / Fuji at the Boat House

We plan an active programme of workshops and events and are geographically well situated to be a hub for creativity and community engagement.
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Bricks will have a variety of outside spaces that will help welcome people into our wider programme and activities.

Roof Garden

Photo © Google

The station has a large flat roof – we think this would make a great roof garden, providing an oasis in the city and the opportunity for outdoor sculptural commissions.
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Yard / Market

Photo © Unknown

Since the 12th Century until just a few decades ago, Old Market has had a busy market with people meeting, trading and connecting – we welcome ideas for how this could be brought back to life.
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Repainting the Station

Photo © B7L9/ Kamel Lazaar Foundation

We are interested in your views on how the building looks and how it could be made more friendly, fun and inviting? Share your thoughts..
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