St Anne’s Open House

Friday 02 June , 6pm – 10pm

Sat 03 & Sun 04 June, 11am – 5pm

Come along to celebrate our second birthday at St Anne’s House!

Join us as St Anne’s House opens its doors over three days to share creative workshops, studios and workspaces, ideas and artwork, exhibitions, local food and drink, and taster sessions.

What’s happening?

Have a wander and chat with the tenants who work from the space to see lots of creative projects happening in the building. Browse stalls, and enjoy local food and drink, learn about community groups and join in family friendly activities

Running throughout the weekend:

  • Ooparts an exhibition by Ben Hartley & Buoys Buoys Buoys
  • Top Floor Gallery exhibition by SAH creatives
  • Plant sale and cutting swap station
  • MAYK short film screening
  • Open studios and workspaces 

Friday 02 June: 6pm – 10pm  

  • Performance for Ooparts with Ben Hartley & Buoys Buoys Buoys
  • Ciccio’s Kitchen will be here with their delicious food
  • A bar will be open with drinks from Lost & Grounded

Sat 03 June: 11am – 5pm

Sun 04 June: 11am – 5pm

  • DIY Poster making with Careful Now! Creative, designing posters for Save Our Avon, 1pm – 4pm
  • BRIZ the community newsletter for all things Brislington open stall 

Open House is for all ages, free to attend, and you can drop in anytime during opening hours.

Dates and times

We will be open

Friday 02 June , 6pm – 10pm

Sat 03 & Sun 04 June, 11am – 5pm

Who is the event for and when can I come along?

Open House is for everybody, and you can pop in anytime during opening hours.


OOPARTs with Ben Hartley and Buoys Buoys Buoys

Out of Place Artefacts, is a duo exhibition by Ben Hartley & Buoys Buoys Buoys. Lo! Artefacts from a lost history and a speculative future; relics and sigils; they take you now on an otherworldly journey into a space where time is in flux. Explore how the past becomes shrouded in mystery, where legends and stories form.

Ooparts is an exhibition about objects, how they act as vessels for the stories bestowed on them through folk tradition and community play, and their importance in the construction of heritage and identity. Using speculative futures and fictionalised Welsh artefacts, the exhibition brings together imagined relics reinterpreted with scavenged things, demonstrating how these everyday objects and materials can become vessels for legend.

Take a ferry to St Anne’s Open House on the Friday evening

We have teamed up with Bristol Ferry Boats to provide a trip along the canal to St Anne’s House.

The boat will bring you to our Open House, a long weekender of open studios, activities, and artworks with lots of local food and drink to enjoy!

There will be two trips running on the Friday evening:

Trip 01.
5.30pm – 6pm
Beginning at Cacsade Steps in City Centre
Dropping off at Netham Lock

Trip 02.
6.30pm – 7pm
Beginning at Cascade Steps in City Centre
Dropping off at Netham Lock

Book your tickets here now as there are limited slots available!

There will be trips on the Sunday day:

Running from: 11.00am, 12.30pm & 2.30pm

Departures from Netham Lock: 11.45am, 01.15pm & 03.15pm

Book your tickets here now.

This is a collaboration between Bristol Ferry and Bricks.

Volunteer with us for the event

We are looking for volunteers to help make the event run smoothly, and be a point of contact for those visiting the venue. 

The sorts of things you’ll be involved in: 

  • Helping provide a welcoming atmosphere for the public by answering questions, helping guide people through the venue, and letting them know about what’s happening
  • Helping set run and set up different activities happening at the event
  • Invigilating the exhibition spaces and answering questions visitors may have about the work
  • Helping set up and set down before and after the event
  • Possible ad-hoc tasks such as, cleaning down tables, sweeping, mopping, and washing up if needed

See the form below for more information and to apply.

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