Feeling Machines logo for Control Shift Feeling Machines March April event at St Anne's House

Control Shift – Feeling Machines

Thursday 30 March – Sunday 2 April 2023

Across Bristol locations including St Anne’s House

Control Shift “Feeling Machines” is an exciting new arts programme from Bristol, bringing together local and international artists to reflect on what it feels like to feel with machines. Artworks explore how digital technologies intertwine with the most intimate aspects of our lives. From Thursday 30 March to Sunday 2 April they’ll be hosting local and international artists in Bristol and online. It’s a gorgeous programme of film screenings, installations, workshops and an Algorave!

Full programme and booking on their website.

Events happening at St Anne’s House

Community Day at St Annes on Saturday 01 April

Image credit: Martin Sz

Live coding for Performance 

By hellocatfood 

11am – 12.30pm

Free workshop – book here

In this workshop Antonio Roberts aka hellocatfood will introduce you to the basics of live coding music. Live coding is a performative practice where artists and musicians use code to create live music and live visuals.

Image credit: Max Dovey

Rare Earth Walks

by Max Dovey

Free walk – book here

Walk one: 11am – 12.30pm

Walk two: 2.30pm – 4pm

A guided walk and metal detecting expedition, exploring the sounds and stories contained in rare metals.

Image credit: Ana Caria and Leonor Fonseca, FBAUL

Choreographing web environments

By Joana Chicau

2pm – 4pm

Free workshop – book here

In this workshop we will be looking at web environments through the lenses of choreography. We will use the web browser as a performative medium to interact in real-time with online environments and their content.

Image credit:  PRRRRRT!

Drawing sound networks


2pm – 4.30pm

Free – just turn up

Join Jasmine and Kathy from PRRRRRT! to generate a larger-than-life electronic drawing.

Image credit: MELT

SET (Scripted Emergent Togetherness)

by MELT (Ren Loren Britton & Iz Paehr)

11am – 5pm

Free – just turn up

How can we make data something that cares for us (particularly as trans* and disabled people) in the past, present and future?

Drop in to experience this collectively made installation and speak with the artists at St Annes House.

Image credit: Control Shift

The phone project

By Chloe Meineck

3pm – 4pm

Free – just sign up on the day

The Phone Project explores our intimate relationship with our mobile phones. The work is a mapping of how the phone is part of the artist’s life. It will be installed at St Anne’s House, and there will be a workshop alongside the map for you to make your own.

Image credit: Giulia Carla Rossi

Keep in touch

By Guilia Carla Rossi

11am – 5pm 

Free – just turn up 

Drawing from personal experience, combined with historical records of letters between queer women, ‘Keeping in Touch: Lesbian Dating During a Global Pandemic’ is a short interactive narrative about queer pandemic dating, and using online forms of communication to maintain contact when physically distant.

Image credit: Wisterlitz


by Wisterlitz

In person installation 

11am – 5pm

Free – just turn up

Playfully exploring the design and use of period tracking apps. How do machines capture intimacy and how could it be otherwise?

by Harriet Horobin-Worley

by Harriet Horobin-Worley

Free – Runs throughout the day

How do we share small acts of love outside of the gated communities of Facebook’s metaverse?

Image credit: Alice Steward

Ai Tattoo 

By Alice Steward

11am – 5pm 

Free – just drop in 

AI Tattoo explores how much we want to connect with AI by inviting it as a collaborator to make the most intimate form of visual expression: a tattoo.

Image credit: Danae Tapia

Divination is an Intimate Affair 

by Danae Tapia

11.30am – 4.30pm (20 min slots) 

Free – sign up on the day

In a private one-on-one oracle reading, expect insights on archetypes, automated poetry, technomancy and the many strategies we can activate in order to make the world an enchanted place.

Marbling with machine bodies

by Joseph Wilk

11am – 4pm 

Free – just turn up

A live performance using drawing tools of digital pens, programming code, robot pen-plotter, paint and hands.

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