Something Close to Nothing. Podcast Episode.

Tim Ryan

Something Close to Nothing

A Bricks Podcast by Tim Ryan about the Fishermen of The Feeder Road

The episode

Through storytelling, interviews with fishermen, and his own personal reflections, Tims podcast takes us on a 24 hour tour of the feeder road in mid November. The episode features interviews with the generations of fishermen that have frequented the banks of the free-to-fish canal (some for over 70 years) and highlights how the utilisation of marginal and neglected spaces can sometimes protect them from further damage. Sharing a vested interest in the canals well-being, the fishermen have helped nurse the traumatised body of water back to life.

The podcast is a love letter to coarse fishing in general, viewed through the lens of the Feeder Road. A unique space, capable of visually articulating its own history. Its industrial failure and the nature and wildlife that now thrives in and around its ruins.

 ‘Places are like people. They are complicated and don’t always say what they mean. Sometimes they are haunted. By a past, a present or a future. The Feeder is unique in that it fizzes with all three simultaneously.’ – Tim Ryan

The Artist

Tim Ryan is an artist living in Bristol. His work presents artifacts pertaining to an imagined folklore. Through a distorted lens, metaphor collides with the commodification, industrialisation, objectification and neglect of both spaces and people.

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