Something Close to Nothing. Podcast Episode.

Tim Ryan

Something Close to Nothing, Release date: tbc
A Bricks Podcast by Tim Ryan about the Fishermen of The Feeder Road.

Just over a mile long, the Feeder is one of Bristols main arteries. On its right side, industrial estates, on its left, a dilapidated canal, and running between the two like a hot knife, The Feeder Road.

A relentless tsunami of heavy metal. Articulated lorries, container drivers, police cars and ambulance,
coffee fuelled commuters and the occasional petrified cyclist.

Half way down the Feeder road, the great western railway bridge cuts horizontally above the traffic, the St Philips causeway riding along side. And its at this cluttered intersection that we are offered the most visceral snapshot of the canals historic demise, cast deep into shadow by rail and road. 

And its on the canal, tucked away in the shadows between a rock and a hard place, that we will
find our quarry. We are in search of fishermen. 


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