BRIZ Community Pot

Do you have an idea for a community event, activity or initiative? 

Apply to our community pot! 

From £50 – £500 to support groups and individuals in the two Brislington wards to run community-led events, activities and initiatives. 

Applications open on 10th of Jan and will be assessed on a rolling basis by local residents (Bricks’ St Annes Action Group) until we have used up the pot of £2500. 

Examples of things we can fund (not limited to these things): 

Shared meals, street party, sewing groups, social groups, reading groups and mutual aid activities. 

Key things to know:

  • Activity must happen before the end of September 2023
  • Activities must be free or low-cost for participants
  • Activities must take place in within the 2 Brislington wards
  • Applicants must be happy to share feedback, numbers of people benefiting and (if appropriate) photos from their activity. 

Want to find out more? 

Book a 1-1 chat with Georgia at a time that suits you to talk through your idea.

Even if you don’t have an idea yet – get in touch if you are interested so we can keep you updated. 


Phone: 07709 264 201

We strongly encourage you to have a conversation with us prior to applying. Though if you don’t feel this is necessary, you can submit an application without speaking to us beforehand. 

You can find the relevant forms below – please let us know if you would like these in a different format.

You are welcome to send us your application in the format of a voicenote (answering all the same questions) or via video. Forms are available to pick up from St Annes House on a Thursday between 10am – 5pm, we can also send you a form in the post.

Guidance Notes

Please read our guidance notes for full information before applying

Application Form

To apply please complete the application form and the anonymous demographics form

Applications open from 10 January

Demographics Form:

This is the first time we have run a community pot. We want to learn from this process so we really welcome any feedback. Please use this feedback form to share your thoughts (you can answer anonymously)