Welcome to BRIZ

The community newsletter for all things Brislington.

BRIZ has been put together by Bricks with the support of people who live and work in Brislington. The idea and intention has come from residents in the Brislington community who would like a place to share opportunities, events, classes, ideas, and to bring people together.

Each issue will centre around free/affordable activities, groups, and support available during the colder seasons. We want to showcase community action, feature projects, organisations, creativity, and fun going on across Brislington.

Pick yours up today!

We distribute newsletter into the doors of Brislington, however if you don’t receive one, you can pick them up from St Anne’s House during sessions and events we’re open for, or other local community hubs, such as churches, and Co-ops. If you’d like to pick one up but can’t find any, please drop us an email to arrange a time.

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Do you live or work in Brislington? 

As a community publication, we want to hear from you! Do you want to write poetry? Review food? Tell a story? Start your journalist journey? Run a quiz? Share a skill? Or, anything else your imagination can think of. The pages are open and waiting to be filled with your ideas. 

Contact us: 

E.  T. 07709 264 201

Or pop into St Anne’s House, Thursdays 10am – 12pm to chat in person.

Editorial: Bricks Newsletter Team

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Supported by: Bristol City Council & Quartet Community Foundation