Participants reading and chatting over a cup of tea at Thursday mornings St Anne's House Community Living Room

St Anne’s Community Living Room

Back in October 2022 we opened the doors to St Anne’s Community Living Room. A warm, welcoming, and open space for everyone to come into, enjoy free drinks and food, internet, books, activities, games, and information on support services available for all. Between 10am – 5pm, you could come in, have a cuppa on the sofas, chat with others, or have a moment of solitude amongst the bookcase.

As the days have become lighter, the living room will be open for set sessions and groups at set times!

Including the popular Morning Meet-ups happening every Thursday morning (10am – 12pm), the Shared Reading Group (10.30am – 12pm) on a Wednesday morning, and the breastfeeding support group Mini Milk for mums on Mondays (11am – 12pm).

Thank you

Thank you to the volunteers who helped make the living room such a welcoming and open space.

Let us know what you think?

We are taking surveys on how you felt about the living room, what you enjoyed, and ways in which we could use the space in the future!

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