Two people doing arts and crafts as part of the Creativity for Wellbeing workshops at St Anne's House.
Two people doing arts and crafts as part of the Creativity for Wellbeing workshops at St Anne's House.

Creativity for wellbeing

New course starting from 17 April 2023!

Running from 17 April – 26 June weekly (except holidays)

Mondays, 11am – 1pm, St Anne’s House,

Come along and get creative with artist Rachel Toon.

Who can join? The free sessions are dedicated to those who are experiencing a challenging time in their lives. The sessions are open to all who wish to explore a creative outlet, from all levels of experience. Participants must be 19+.

What can I expect? The course is an opportunity to explore painting and drawing activities in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. The aim is to support learning and enjoyment and facilitate a basic understanding of painting and drawing using materials such as watercolours, acrylics, pencil, pastel etc. You will learn the skills necessary to develop confidence in your own individual way with the materials and at a pace to suit your needs. We may work with subject matter such as landscapes, still life, portraits, or abstract work and at times look at artist’s work to inspire and inform your own work.

How will I learn? Classes are workshop based and students are taught through tutor demonstration and work sheets with additional support for those with dexterity and coordination challenges. Time is given to all to work at a comfortable pace.

How do I enrol? You can email or call 0117 9736259. The facilitator will have sign-up sheets for you to enrol in person also.


Monday 01 May – Bank holiday (no session)

Monday 08 May – Bank holiday (no session)

Monday 29 May – Half term (no session)

SGS College

At SGS College we offer a number of fully funded Creativity for Well-Being course, that patients/clients/students can benefit from if you are experiencing conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain or major life changes. We welcome all levels of ability on these courses with our team of professionals on hand to support you, as you explore the world of creativity and its positive effects.SGSCOL