Shared Reading Group

Shared Reading is cancelled today (08/03/2023) due to the snow. Back next week!

Wednesday mornings, 10.30am – 12pm, free

Winter holidays opening times: last session 21 Dec, back open on 11 Jan

Try shared reading with us!

These sessions hosted by The Reader are a chance for people to come together in St Anne’s, to read and listen to stories and poems together. There’s no pressure to read aloud, you can simply come along, sit back and enjoy some great story-telling!

How do the sessions work?

Firstly we have a catch up, discuss what books we’re reading at the moment.

Then we begin on the story that is selected by The Reader that week we can either take it in turns to read paragraphs, or you can opt out of reading aloud and just listen.

We then discuss as a group, ideas, thoughts, feelings and whether we enjoyed the story.

If there’s time, we then begin to read a short poem to finish off the session, with feedback and discussion to happen afterwards.

All levels are welcome, it’s a very relaxed session where you can discuss your love for reading or your challenges with reading. It’s an opportunity to take a couple of hours out of your day and become engrossed in stories and poems from a range of different authors.

Members of the community sat around a table with tea and cakes.

Previous reads have included:

  • Strong Enough To Help by David Contantine
  • My Polish Teacher’s Tie by Helen Dunmore
  • A Beautiful Lie by local author Sheenagh Pugh
  • Sun Between Their Feet by Doris Lessing
  • The Winters and The Palmleys by Thomas Hardy
  • A Poison Tree by William Blake
  • Anything Helps by Jeff Walter
  • Life’s Honouring Deeds by R Tagore
  • The Tunnel by Doris Lessing
  • Being But Men by Dylan Thomas
  • Loose Change by Andrea Levy
  • The Crow by Ted Hughes

If you have any requests or want to share a story or poem you’ve particularly enjoyed you can speak to the facilitator about this on your visit.