Good and then bad and then good again. Podcast Episode

Dr Myles-Jay Linton

Good and then bad and then good again, 2022

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Dr Myles-Jay Linton, figurative artist, psychologist and academic, has created a new neon artwork for the Moxy Bristol hotel lobby’s library area. This podcast explores his development of the commission through conversations with friends and colleagues about the artwork. It talks through the process of what began as a digital line drawing, which then became a physical neon artwork through partnership with signmakers Cabot Neon. The piece, and the conversations around it, reflect on practices of repetition, persistence and perseverance.

Commissioned by Bricks, the episode is co-produced by Rowan Bishop in collaboration with the artists and Bricks producers.


  • Myles-Jay Linton

    Myles-Jay Linton is a Bristol-based multi-media artist, psychologist and community organiser. Influenced by his research into experiences of well-being and mental health, Myles uses figurative illustrators to visualise the connections between our thoughts and emotions with our bodies.