Miracle on 42nd Street

Thursday 19 May, 7.30pm doors, 9pm screening, St Anne’s House.

Part of the Mayfest programme this year, we are excited to share that an out-side film screening will be happening at St Anne’s House.


The film is a one-hour documentary relaying the untold story of of the Manhattan Plaza apartment complex in New York City – a failed commercial apartment complex boldly repurposed as subsidized affordable housing for people working in the performing arts.

Throughout its existence Manhattan Plaza was home to such luminaries as Larry David, James Earl Jones, Angela Landsbury, and Alicia Keys, and it provided a blueprint for similar experiments throughout the world.

Home to a vibrant artistic community of its own, join us at St. Anne’s House for an outdoor evening screening of this poignant, charming film.


Refreshments provided by Good Chemistry Brewing and tech excellence by Blackbeam Cinematic.



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A mix of work so tasty it makes you want to up sticks and move to Bristol permanently” The Guardian

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