After Hours Trading: Pull the Trigger After Hours

09 March, 2022

Artist/Former Shopkeeper/Neurodivergent access consultant, Vijay Patel, led an evening exploring Indian corner shops, the history of migrant-run shops, tips on the values of hard work and saving money, with opportunities for attendees to put reflective thoughts inside cardboard crisp boxes.

The evening draws inspiration from Vijay’s past solo show, Pull the Trigger, which toured nationally between 2016-2020, as a theatre show. ‘After Hours’ allows for the themes of the work to be explored in a different context.


  • Rachael Clerke

    After Hours Trading: Pull the Trigger After Hours Rachael Clerke is a Bristol-based artist working across many mediums. They make artworks that sit somewhere on the edge of live art and community infrastructure; playful experiments about what real life might look like if we were…