Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?

25-27 March

Pop Up Outdoor Seating & Interactive Exhibition

St Anne’s has a rich and varied history – full of stories from medieval pilgrims, sea-bound sailors, candle makers to factory workers. More recently St Anne’s VIllage, its local shops, businesses and new community hub at St Anne’s House.

We are interested in the chance social encounters we share when we sit next to a stranger.

Whether sharing a bench, sitting next to each other on the bus, or attending an event. The opening line – “Excuse me, is anyone sitting here” – has the potential to begin a conversation that enriches your day or simply the pleasant exchange of a smile.

Covid has gotten in the way of this. As things slowly start to return to normal, we want to explore what we have missed and what we want in the future.

We built a temporary installation on the riverside at St Anne’s Village (by the river between the Coop and the bridge), to explore historic and current stories of social encounters and the potential of this somewhat forgotten and under-utilised space.

The public turned up to – leave stories, learn new ones or simply take a seat by the river and enjoy the view.

Brought to you by Bricks, Studio Mothership and Sarah Hollingworth from Architecture00.

Supported by the Welcome Back Fund and Bristol City Council.

Where to visit:

Wyatt’s View, Riverside, St Anne’s Village Centre