Spring Thing

In April 2022, we opened the doors to St Anne’s House for a two day event of open studios, activities, food and connection.

The events were a chance to see behind the scenes of the community hub building in St Anne’s. Tenant’s studios of Bristol-based painters, designers, makers, thinkers and photographers were opened up for the public to visit and talk to the artists, as well as an array of creative activities hosted by guest facilitators.

Artist Ben Hartley in their studio at St Anne’s House discussing their practice

During Spring Thing: Day Event, different creative activities took place including:

Den Making with A&K’s Playground, Cyanotype Printing with Look & Learn, Clothes Repair with Careful Now! Collective, Flag Drawing with Studio Mothership, Crown Making with The Art Cart, Wood Painting with Elliot Coffin, Football Rattle Workshop with Jonathan Kelham.


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