A view from the car park of St Anne's 'TRANSACTIONLAND' is stencilled onto the windows

Transactionland with Rachael Clerke

09 – 13 March, 16 – 20 March 2022

Bristol-based artist Rachael Clerke arrived at St Anne’s with the new art project Transactionland. Working across many mediums she creates art that demonstrates what life might look like if we worried less about what it ‘should’ look like. 

Transactionland is an exploration of unconventional economic exchanges, think time-banking, volunteering, or paying-it-forward. It examines how we might work towards a future where these unconventional, yet valuable exchanges become increasingly conventional, in a playful and collaborative way. 

The 10-day programme worked closely with the community around St Anne’s, as well as other artists from the UK, including workshops, screenings, performance, and even a debt gala.


  • Rachael Clerke

    Transactionland with Rachael Clerke Rachael Clerke is a Bristol-based artist working across many mediums. They make artworks that sit somewhere on the edge of live art and community infrastructure; playful experiments about what real life might look like if we were less concerned with what…

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