On Skin with Yuko Edwards

One third of the UK population has a scar.

Exhibition and events, St Anne’s House, 24 Jan – 12 Feb 2022.

Bite Mark, 2021

Multi-disciplinary artist Yuko Edwards opened her new project and exhibition that explores skin, scars, and healing. On Skin was open to visitors at St Anne’s House and the project welcomed the public to view and contribute to a body of work.

During the time Yuko spent working in the space she explored the function of skin as a metaphor for human resilience and the endurance of surviving the modern world. Visitors are key to the developing work. There was a textile piece to which visitors contributed. On Skin also included photography, sound, and video. It was the first opportunity to see Yuko’s new film in process. The exhibition was a space contemplation and collaboration. 

On Skin included two intimate sessions with the artist where participants focused on the art of suturing.

The public can also heard the process and thoughts behind the project when the artist and her collaborator, Katie Jones.

Collaborators: Katie Jones – Artist, Marie Tueje – Sound Designer, and Dr. Rajan Sood

“I’m pleased to be putting on this exhibition at this time. The past two years has forced us to live in different ways and think about our bodies. Skin is an organ we all share, it need not be used as a tool to divide.“

Yuko Edwards, 2022

Suturing Sessions

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