Gather St Anne’s, Exhibition

Gather St Anne’s is a project to collect and collate the histories and stories of St Anne’s House and the surrounding area. To chart its importance to local communities through the ages and how it’s impacted and shaped St Anne’s and Bristol.

Exhibition Design by Studio Mothership

This is a starting point which we hope you will help us to fill in and grow so that we can better understand what has happened here and what the future should look like.

A common thread we found while tracing back through time is the thread of gathering. From medieval times to the present day people have gathered here be it for pilgrimage, protest, industry, shelter, community or work. 

The site has had many incarnations of both local and international significance; as a pottery, a chapel, a quarry, a board mill, a council office, a homeless shelter and now a creative community hub. 

We want to hear from you!

About your stories and memories of St Annes, what it’s been like in the past, what you would like to see in the future: 

  • The timeline to your left maps out some of what we have found through community conversations and research so far.
  • The Q&A cards hanging near the windows are an invitation to answer some of the questions we keep asking and being asked, and to ask your own questions for others to answer. 
  • We are collecting audio recordings and if you have a story about life in St Annes would welcome the opportunity to speak with you further, contact us and we can find a time to talk. 

Alongside this project we have run five creative workshops for young people to explore how artists use archive and heritage in their work including; Buoys Buoys Buoys, Careful Now! Collective, Dhaquan Collective, Rowan Bishop and Zanne Andrea.

Many thanks to all the people that have contributed to the making of this project, lent materials and helped us discovery stories about St Anne’s.

Thanks to National Lottery players