Exhibition, 03 Sept – 15 Sept 2021, St Anne’s House

Palace International Film Festival presented //Queer & Indecent//, an archival exploration of the historical lack of access to public spaces that queer people have faced. Simultaneously, it is a celebration of queer space, community, and expression amidst adversity.

People looking at images on a wall.
Credit: NickyTakesPhotos

In 1967 the Sexual Offences Act partially decriminalised sex between men. Rather than making public spaces safer for gay people, it in fact led to a more hostile and dangerous environment. Queer & Indecent reflects on how freedom and oppression sat side by side, with queer people rejected by public spaces and services, and pushed into the underground to create essential safe spaces for expression and existence. 

This project is supported by the BFI Film Audience Network with National Lottery funding as part of New Directions. 

Photo Credit: NickyTakesPhotos