Flash exhibition, 20 – 22 September 2021, St Anne’s House

Hosted in RELAY project space at St Anne’s House, our graduate intern Amy Matthews produced a two day group exhibition. The selected artists were art graduates who didn’t have a final degree show due to covid restrictions in summer 2021. This exhibition bought together a group of artists to help celebrate their individual practices & showcase their work.

“It’s been a much needed event – not having a degree show was heartbreaking, so to have an to opportunity to show our hard work as graduates has been a real celebration!” – Amy Matthews

Work by:
Amy Matthews @lowkey_bullshit Alex Wilmoth @alex_wilmoth Nim Byron @namhara India MacDonald @indiamacflurry Huw Meredith @_nibssss Bilbo Scioscia @scioscia47 Hannah Stratford Nellie Fratelli @nelliefratelli Kaya Oatley @kayaoatleyphotography
Moon Immisch @moonimmischphotography Alice Worne @aliceworne_art