Finn Dovey : Micro Commission : Where Water Meets Land

In 2020 Bricks commissioned Finn Dovey, through our pilot Bricks Artist Programme, to create an interactive game. This became a futuristic dystopian art gallery for artists that responded to his open call for works. Far removed from the standard white box virtual gallery, Finn’s environment and the artworks it houses responds to the structures and infrastructures of our current moment, and how our actions might shape our social and environmental experiences in the future.

Finn’s project seeks to create some sort of time capsule to capture a snippet of the anxieties and possible futures post-Covid, while also creating a space for people to have the opportunity to work on something whilst physical space was a no-go. To access the full game, click here.

Below are some of the environments featured in the game. The artists whose works are exhibited here are Amy Gough, Madelaine Grady Walsh, Simone Einfalt, Gary Sey, Ben Hartley, Madame Ceski, Shirley Sharp, ex.icon and Jamie Scott.

The seed bank, the epitome, it seems to me, of the dualism of sanctuary and asylum, acting as both a feat of human ingenuity and as a reminder of the frenetic chaos of war, climate degradation and human accelerated global collapse.

An Aeronautical structure, discussed at the time as absolute technological innovation. Innovation from concrete. Now a relic of the physical, of air manipulation. A deprivation tank.

For me Amazon encompasses a dilemma that runs through all my work very aptly, the issue regarding progress and stagnation, or progress as Utopia. The truest embodiment of late stage capitalism and efficiency, which can be seen as continuing endlessly on its quest for fulfilling human desire, aided by technology, it is the breath of the future.

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